Josiah Brock

Class of 2026
Birmingham, Alabama

Jason Gao

Class of 2026
Toronto, Canada

Leungo Norman

Class of 2026
Gaborone, Botswana

Rebekah Sun

Class of 2026
Clarksburg, Maryland

Arpan Bagui

Class of 2024
Tampa, FL

Tejas Gill

Class of 2024
Tracy, CA

Yeo-Re Lee

Class of 2024
Stony Brook, NY

Claire Zhong

Class of 2024
Seattle, WA

Zile Cao

Class of 2024
Norman, OK

Maya Jamdar

Class of 2024
East Setauket, NY

Josias Jacob Zongo

Class of 2024
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Martin Alindogan

Class of 2025
Manila, Phillipines

Anastasia Khomchenko

Class of 2025
Valencia, Spain

Lisa Nnaji

Class of 2025
Jackson, TN

Jonathan Wong

Class of 2025
Hong Kong

Jeremy Zein

Class of 2025
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Taha Boty

Class of 2025
Hong Kong

Lizzie Guan

Class of 2025
West Chester, PA

Nina Saluja

Class of 2025
Martinsburg, WV

Amy Zhou

Class of 2025
Hong Kong

Arnav Dhingra

Class of 2026
Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Madison Gordon

Class of 2026
Stratford, Connecticut

Andrew Schmidt

Class of 2026
Manhattan, NY

Anika Venkannagari

Class of 2026
Novi, Michigan

Hanna Baniassad

Class of 2024
Atlanta, GA

Albert Johnston-Ramirez

Class of 2023
Wyndmoor, PA

Isabella Rocco

Class of 2023
Parsippany, NY

Nandi Ndoro

Class of 2024
Washington, D.C.

Alexandra Chan

Class of 2024
Hong Kong

Kevin Keil

Class of 2024
Portland, OR

Nandi Ndoro

Class of 2024
Washington, D.C.

Samica Goel

Class of 2025
Old Bridge, NJ

Lenny Maiocco

Class of 2025
Scranton, PA

Daniel Palma

Class of 2025
Flower Mound, TX

Linda Wu

Class of 2024
Annandale, VA

First & Last Name

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Amanda Cui

Class of 2025
New York City, NY

Melanie Herbert

Class of 2025
Short Hills, NJ

Matthew Schwartz

Class of 2025
Lower Merion, PA

Ashish Pothireddy

Class of 2025
Woodbridge, VA

Mariam ElNaggar

Class of 2026
Cairo, Egypt

Belinda Kumi

Class of 2025
Roswell, GA

Sophie Shao

Class of 2026
Los Angeles, CA

Christine Yan

Class of 2026
Dallas, Texas

Eeshika Dadheech

Class of 2024
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Aina Khan

Class of 2023
Long Island, NY

Jake Rodin

Class of 2023
Paradise Valley, AZ

Nandi Ndoro

Class of 2024
Washington, D.C.

Bhavuk Gaddam

Class of 2024
Canton, MI

Kevin Yang

Class of 2024
Seoul, South Korea

Farheen Shamdasani

Class of 2024
Jakarta, Indonesia

Allie Jiang

Class of 2025
Needham, MA

Ansh Nagwekar

Class of 2025
San Jose, CA

Samita (Amy) Techachokwiwat

Yazmin Wu

Class of 2025
Miami, FL

First & Last Name

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Andrew Gray

Class of 2025
Cherry Hill, NJ

Sulaiman Yamin

Class of 2025
Ashburn, VA

Channing Ware

Class of 2025
Hattiesburg, MS

First & Last Name

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Josiah Brock

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Major: Finance and Legal Studies

Groups & Societies:
Black Wharton, Residential Advisors, DSP intramural basketball
Interests: Portrait photography, making spotify playlists, Fifa and 2K, thrifting, antiquity and philosophy

Jason Gao

Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Major: Computer Science

CGI: Software Engineering Intern
KYTE: Developer

Groups & Societies: PennSEM, The Signal Society, Penn Appetit, WUEC, CIS1100 TAs
Interests: Volleyball, fragrances, cooking, bartending, fine arts, YOASOBI, flammable oolong tea, Pottruck 2nd floor

Leungo Norman

Hometown: Gaborone, Botswana
Major: Wharton (Finance & Entrepreneurship)

CXS: Founder

Groups & Societies: SAIP, Wharton Women, Wharton Undergraduate Founders and Funders Association, BSL
Interests: Entrepreneurship, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology, traveling, restaurant experiences, staying updated on artificial intelligence (AI) news, discussing relationships, life and startup ideas.

Rebekah Sun

Hometown: Clarksburg, Maryland
Major: Wharton (Finance and OIDD)

Marriot International: Revenue Management Intern

Groups & Societies:
Wharton Asia Investments, Wharton Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club, Wharton Retail Consulting, The Daily Pennsylvanian Inc.
Interests: Sustainable fashion, fashion design/entrepreneurship, charcoal portraiting, Emotional Oranges, cooking, Chinese food, true crime/conspiracy theory podcasts, Hell’s Kitchen, anime

ARpan Bagui

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Major: Huntsman Program –  Wharton (Statistics)

Lighhaven Capital: Intern

Groups & Societies: Freaks of The Beat, Penn Blockchain
Interests: Griselda Records, Kant, Breakdancing; Pokemon, Blockchain, Naruto, Sports, Breakdancing, Lifting, Pretty colors


Hometown: Tracy, CA
Major: Wharton (Finance and Real Estate)

KKR: Incoming Private Equity Analyst
KKR: Summer Analyst

Groups & Societies: Wharton Undergraduate Real Estate Club, Penn International Impact Consulting, WH101 TAs
Interests: Boxing/MMA, Basketball, Lil Baby, Chicken, Journaling, Israel Adesanya, Culture, Doordash, Purpose


Hometown: Stony Brook, NY
Major: Wharton (Business Analytics and Management), Master of Computer and Information Technology (MCIT)

Bain & Company: Incoming Summer Analyst
Marketing Operations Intern

Groups & Societies: Dischord A Cappella, WH1010 TA, Netter Center for Community Partnerships, Penn Buddhism Club
Interests:Listening, Playing, Learning, Trying, Soup


Hometown: Seattle , WA
Major: Wharton (Finance and Behavioral Economics)

Moelis & Co.: Incoming Investment Banking Summer Analyst
Beach Point Capital Management: Credit Investment Summer Analyst

Groups & Societies: Penn Class Board, Wharton Private Equity & Venture Capital Club, WITG, Global Platinum Securities, Wharton Women

Interests: Spotify playlists, traveling, football, cooking, oversized button-downs, workout classes, long walks, exploring new restaurants, and How I Met Your Mother


Hometown: Norman, OK
Major: Economics; Minoring in CIS

Metaversal Ventures: Investments & Engineering 
Weavechain: Product Management Intern 

Groups & Societies: Penn Blockchain, Wharton Asia Exchange, Wharton Undergraduate Finance & Technology Group, Web3 Builders
Interests:Basketball, Chess, Crypto/NFTs, Anime, Mandopop, Elden Ring, GOT, Skateboarding


Hometown: East Setauket, NY
Major: Economics & Political Science Business Law Intern
Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program: Research Intern

Groups & Societies: Penn Undergraduate Law Journal, Matriculate, TEDxPenn
Interests: Tennis, Piano covers, Pancakes, Coffee, Food tours, Comedy specials


Hometown: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso || Accra, Ghana
Major: Wharton (Finance and Business Analytics)

J.P. Morgan: Incoming 2023 Summer Investment Banking Analyst
Golden Palm Investments: Venture Capital Intern

Groups & Societies: Undergraduate Assembly, Student Activities Council, MUSE Consulting, Penn African Student Association
Interests: Afrobeats and Amapiano, Ghanaian Chocolate, Iced Coffee, Men’s Fashion, French Netflix, Traveling, Weightlifting

Martin Alindogan

Hometown: Manila, Phillipines
Major: Cognitive Sciences 

Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP): Fintech Intern

Groups & Societies: Penn Philippine Association, Club Basketball
Interests: Traveling, Golf, Basketball, Poker

Anastasia Khomchenko

Hometown: Valencia, Spain
Major: Wharton (Finance and Management)

EY-Parthenon: Summer Intern
Mitiga Solutions: Business Development Intern

Groups & Societies: Wharton Women, PennSEM
Interests: Skiing, hiking with my dogs, cooking, discovering food places, learning new languages, action movies

Lisa NNaji

Hometown: Jackson, TN
Major: Wharton (Health Care Management and Policy)

Exact SciencesHealthcare Operations and Improvement Intern
Intern Queen x Albertsons: Ambassador
Liberty Medical Clinic: Emergency Room Intern

Groups & Societies: Nigerians at Penn, Wharton 101 TA, STEP, Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, Black Ivy League Business Conference 2021, Bain FLA
Interests: Zumba, journaling, event planning, Netflix, Afrobeats, photography, traveling, find food places


Hometown: Hong Kong
Major: Computer and Information Sciences 

Chainlink Labs: Software Engineering Intern
Big Brain Holdings
VC Analyst Intern

Groups & Societies: FranklinDAO/Penn Blockchain, The Daily Pennsylvanian Multimedia Team, Wharton Undergraduate

Interests: Naval Ravikant, Jiu Jitsu, House Music, Seeking Discomfort, Meditation, Jamón Ibérico


Hometown: Hong Kong, Hong Kong || Jakarta, Indonesia
Major: Computer and Information Sciences

Pollock Asset Management: Software Engineering Intern

Groups & Societies: Penncasila, Hong Kong Student Association, CIT 5940 TA
Interests: Basketball, Formula 1, Poker, Chinatown, Puzzles, Autobiographies, OCaml

taha boty

Hometown: Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Major: Computer and Information Sciences

Bloomberg: Software Engineering Intern 
Fanhouse: Software Engineering Intern

Groups & Societies: CIS 1200 TA, WITG Energy Team, Hack4Impact

Interests: Dijkstra, Androids, India, Cricket, Field Hockey

lizzie guan

Hometown: West Chester, PA
Major: Wharton (Finance), Spanish

Hill Path Capital: Private Equity Intern
Everest Private Equity Fund: Private Equity Intern

Groups & Societies: Penn International Impact Consulting, Wharton Deans Undergradyate advisory board, Cohorts, Chi Omega

Interests: Films, thrifting, NYT mini games, exploring cities, we’re not really strangers, exploring restaurants, Spotify playlists, spontaneity

Nina Saluja

Hometown: Martinsburg, WV
Major: Wharton (Finance & Statistics)

Vista Equity Partners: Intern
Syndicate 708
: Intern

Groups & Societies: Wharton Cohorts, Wharton Undergraduate Finance and Technology Group, Wharton Women, Wharton STEP, Wharton Asia Exchange

Interests: Indian classical dance, dogs, tree frogs, food trucks, Spotify playlists, long walks


Hometown: Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Major: Wharton (Finance and Statistics)

Huafa International: Asset Management Intern
Venture Lab: Website Developer

Groups & Societies: SFCU, GRC

Interests: Space documentaries, film photography, F1, basketball, Chinese Dance, Fishtown Cafes

Arnav Dhingra

Hometown: Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Major: Computer Science & Finance

Lockheed MartinSoftware Engineering Intern

Groups & Societies: Wharton Cohorts, M&T Innovation Fund, Wharton Undergraduate Finance & Technology Group, MUSE Generalist, The Signal Society
Interests: Longboarding, Spotify playlists & live concerts, Adobe Illustrator, skiing, exploring hiking trails, long drives, Wawa mango cream smoothies, SABSing with Brother Gordon

Madison Gordon

Hometown: Stratford, Connecticut
Major: Philosophy Politics & Economics

Bank of America: Incoming Summer Analyst

Groups & Societies:
Black Wharton, Penn Financial Literacy and Outreach Club, HeadStart Fellowship, Bain FLA
Interests: Dancing, volleyball, thrifting, The Boondocks, lavender syrup, bagels, jorts, sandwiches, SABSing with Brother Dhingra

Andrew Schmidt

Hometown: Manhattan, NY
Major: LSM – CAS (Molecular and Cell Biology), Wharton (Health Care Management and Policy)

Penn Medicine | Beatty Lab: Student Researcher
Allogene Therapeutics: Research Intern

Groups & Societies: Locust Bioventures
Interests: Philadelphia Phillies, cheeseburgers in paradise, classic rock music, Regular Show, fantasy novels, escape rooms

Anika Venkannagari

Hometown: Novi, Michigan
Major: Finance & Business Analytics

Africa Insight Advisors: Investment Advisory Intern
The Community Grocer: Fundraising & Operations Intern

Groups & Societies:
Wharton Undergraduate Finance & Technology Group, Penn Microfinance
Interests: hiking, coffee shops, playing the guitar, watercolor, lakes, concerts

Hanna Baniassad

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Wharton (Finance)

Roark Capital: Summer Private Equity Analyst
Bonsai Group: Private Equity Intern

Groups & Societies: ILMUNC, Bloomers, Penn Players, Smart Woman Securities, Persian Club, WUEC
Interests: Biking, The Plantagenets, Tacos, Certain Songs, Backgammon, History of Women’s Gymnastics, Being Iranian

Albert Johnston-Ramirez

Hometown: Wyndmoor, PA
Major: Wharton (Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation)

J.P. Morgan: Corporate and Investment Banking Strategy

Mermaid Spirits Distillery: Intern

Groups & Societies: Cipactli, Wharton Cohorts, Penn Glee Club
Interests: Sound engineering, Being, Hendrix

Isabella Rocco

Hometown: Parsippany, NJ
Major: College (Philosophy, Politics, Economics)

Goldman Sachs: Incoming 2022 Summer Investment Banking Analyst

McKinsey & Company: Summer Business Analyst

Groups & Societies: Penn Debate Society, Kappa Alpha Theta, Club Field Hockey, Transfer Student Organization, Penn M&A

Interests: Espresso, lifting, game pigeon, non-fiction, thin-crust pizza, sudoku

NAndi Ndoro

Hometown: Washington D.C. || Johannesburg, South Africa
Major: Political Science

Google: Bold Immersion Participant
Insight Property Group: Marketing and Real Estate Development Intern

Groups & Societies: Shea Collective, WQHS Radio, Southern African Students Association, Black Wharton
Interests: Collecting vinyls, Frank Ocean, South African television, Collecting vinyls, Frank Ocean, South African television, Trying new restaurants, Recreational Squash


Hometown: Hong Kong, China || Singapore, Singapore
Major: Wharton (Marketing and Business Analytics)

Starbucks: Marketing Intern
MNC Group (Vision+): Marketing Strategy Intern

Groups & Societies: Admissions Dean Advisory Board, Penn Hype Dance Crew
Interests: Dancing (Hip Hop and Jazz Funk), Skiing, Travelling, Spicy Food 

Kevin Keil

Hometown: Portland, OR
Major: Wharton (Accounting & Entrepreneurship)

Sherwin Williams: Intern

Groups & Societies: Penn Swim and Dive, Newman Center, Screen Printing @ Penn
Interests: Art, Cereal, Screen Printing, Coffee, Dogs, Startups

Samica Goel

Hometown: Old Bridge, NJ
Major: Wharton (Finance and Business Analytics) 

Quidnet Ventures: Investment Analyst Intern
Desert Spring Capital: Private Equity Analyst Intern

Groups & Societies: Penn Masti, Wharton Undergrad Finance and Technology Club, Penn Venture Group, Muse Consulting, West Philadelphia Tutoring Project, VIP Fellow, Penn Engineering Consulting
Interests: Dance, Jersey Shore, Long Distance Running, Crime documentaries, Kickboxing, Rutgers Business School


Hometown: Lake Ariel, PA
Major: Wharton (Finance and Marketing)

Groups & Societies: WUCC Marketing Committee
Interests: Tennis, Boating, Game of Thrones, Coffee, Ping pong, Music

Daniel Palma

Hometown: Flower Mound, TX
Major: Wharton (Finance & Behavioral Economics) 

PMG: Summer Financial Analyst
Peru Champs: Student Coordinator

Groups & Societies: MUSE, Wharton Latino
Interests: Tennis, Alto Saxophone, Spikeball, Piña Coldas, Valorant, Hammocking


Hometown: Annandale, VA
Major: Wharton (Business, Energy, Environment, and Sustainability); CAS (Biology concentrating in Ecology and Evolution)

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute: Research Intern 
CNH Industrial: Corporate Development and Venture Capital Intern

Groups & Societies: Wharton Agribusiness Club, Research Peer Advising
Interests: Trees, Renewable Energy, Good Coffee, Tropical Mountain Hiking, Symbiosis


Hometown: New York City, NY
Major: Wharton (Finance and Business Analytics), Cognitive Sciences

First Round Capital: Intern
BlueBonnet Data: Intern

Groups & Societies: Chinese Student Association, Social Impact Consulting, MUSE Generalist Consulting, Civic Scholar, WUFFA

Interests: Fashion, Thrifting, Painting, Scrapbooking, Museums, Coffee Shops, Music & concerts

Melanie Herbert

Hometown: Short Hills, NJ
Major: Electrical Engineering

IBM: Consulting Intern
Lenox Hill: Data Analysis and Medical Device Intern 

Groups & Societies: Penn Architechs, Society of Women Engineers, PennApps

Interests: Mindfulness, Film Sound-Track Music, Skiing, Puzzles

Matthew Schwartz

Hometown: Lower Merion, PA
Major: Economics

Overtime: Business Development Intern
Blumhouse Productions: Development Intern

Groups & Societies: Consult For America, Wharton Undergraduate Media & Entertainment Club

Interests: Movies, Biking, Tennis, Philadelphia Sports, Grilled Cheese, Film Photography

AShish Pothireddy

Hometown: Woodbridge, Virginia
Major: M&T – Wharton (Finance and Statistics), SEAS (Computer Science)

Goldman Sachs: Incoming Investment Banking Analyst
Hill Path Capital: Private Equity Intern

Groups & Societies: Beta Theta Pi, Penn Undergraduate Capital Partners, Wharton Investment and Trading Club, Wharton Cohorts, 180 Degrees Consulting, CIS 120 TA

Interests: Formula1, Spotify playlists involving Jermaine Cole, Christopher Nolan, Existential Late Night Conversations/Walks, Airheads

Mariam ElNaggar

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Major: Philosophy, Politics & Economics

Paymob: Global Business Development Intern
EFG Hermes:
Private Equity Intern

Groups & Societies:
Fenjan Journal, Penn Arab Society
Interests: Literature, Cooking, Basketball, Tennis, Water Sports, Traveling, House Music, and Philosophy

Belinda Kumi

Hometown: Roswell, GA
Major: Wharton (Management and OIDD)

EY: Financial Services Launch Intern
GRIP: Media and Events Promotion Intern at Wildfire Lounge in Sydney, Australia

Groups & Societies:
OAX Society, Wharton FGLI, Penn Abroad Ambassador and Leader, STEP Mentor, Black Wharton
Interests: Running/Exercising, Afrobeats, Travel, Binging shows, Candy, “Tea,” Learning how to cook, making travel videos

Sophie Shao

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major: Undeclared

Developing Mind LabResearch Assistant

Groups & Societies: MUSE External, Wharton Women, Penn Film Society
Interests: Fashion, Photography, Film, Vintage Collections, Running

Christine Yan

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Major: Philosophy, Politics, & Economics and Fine Arts

Wala Digital Health: Business Development and Strategy Intern
Student World Impact Film Festival: Festival Jury Intern

Groups & Societies: MUSE Creative Committee, SPEC Jazz & Grooves, Pan-Asian Dance Troupe
Interests: Painting, Dancing, Animating/Filmmaking, Concerts, Vintage Cameras, Skateboarding, Minecraft


Hometown: Bloomfield Hils, MI
Major: Wharton and Nursing: Nursing and Healthcare Management Dual Degree

MD Ally: Customer Success Associate Intern
Chime Menu: Marketing Strategist 

Groups & Societies: Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club, Wharton Cohorts, STEP-UP
Interests: Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club, Wharton Cohorts, STEP-UP

Aina khan

Hometown: Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Major: Wharton (Finance and OIDD)

KKR: Real Estate Credit
Raymond James: Equity Capital Markets

Groups & Societies: ILMUNC, Bloomers Comedy, Bell Senior Society
Interests: Coffee, long walks, soccer, Philly food scene, thrifting, Tame Impala, dark chocolate, Trader Joe’s

Jake rodin

Hometown: Paradise Valley, AZ
Major: Wharton (Finance and OIDD)

William Blair & Company: Investment Banking Summer Analyst 
Glenview Capital Management: Summer Intern

Groups & Societies: Wharton Cohorts, Wharton Ambassadors, Resident Advisor
Interests: Country music, cow penning/ranching, water polo, dining halls


Hometown: Canton, MI
Major: Wharton (Finance and Management)

Utavi: Summer Analyst

Groups & Societies: Wharton Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club, Consult Your Community, Penn Outdoors Club
Interests: Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Dancing, Social Impact Investing, The Office

Kevin Yang

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Major: Wharton (Finance & Business Analytics)

Jefferies: Incoming Investment Banking Summer Analyst
Asia Renaissance: Investment Banking Summer Analyst

Groups & Societies: Wharton Korea Undergraduate Society, Wharton Asia Exchange, Koreans at Penn
Interests: Movies, Soccer (EPL), Earphones & Speakers, Trying New Restaurants, Long Walks, Traveling

Farheen Shamdasani

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Major: Psychology and Philosophy, Politics & Economics (Choice and Behavior)

Boston Consulting Group (Jakarta Office): Social Impact Consultant
GoToko: Corporate Communication Analyst

Groups & Societies: Kappa Alpha Theta, Assembly of International Students
Interests: Educational Design, Supper Clubs, Specialty Coffees, We’re Not Really Strangers, Hummus


Hometown: Needham, MA
Major: Wharton (Finance and Retailing)

Raymond James: Incoming Consumer/Retail Investment Banking Analyst 
Bank of America:
Global Markets Sales & Trading Summer Analyst

Groups & Societies: Penn Club Swim, Penn Club Waterpolo, ILMUNC
Interests: Kendrick Lamar, banana flavored things, food (follow @alliejianglovesfood), Spikeball

ANSH Nagwekar

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Major: Networked and Social Systems Engineering (NETS) 

VO2: Founding Engineer
Open Core Ventures: VC Research Intern

Groups & Societies: Penn Dhamaka, Penn Labs, Wharton Venture Initiation Program Fellows, NETS TA
Interests: Spikeball, tricking, Geometry Dash soundtracks, San Francisco 49ers, search engines, The Dark Knight trilogy, Wawa Boom Boom sauce

Samita (AMY) Techachokwiwat

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Major: Wharton (Marketing and OIDD) 

Sertis: Business Development Intern 
Equity Partnership: Project Leader

Groups & Societies: Penn Thai, Penn SEM, Wharton Asian Exchange
Interests: Baking, volleyball, cafe hopping, film photography, doodling, interior design, How I Met Your Mother, pilates


Hometown: Miami, FL
Major: Wharton (Finance and Behavioral Economics) 

AM Distributors: Credit/Transfer Overseer
Philadelphia Unscripted ProjectMarketing Consultant

Groups & Societies: Wharton Ambassadors, Wharton Latinos, Wharton Women, Wharton 101 TA, Wharton Undergraduate Cohorts Division, Ware College House RA
Interests: Soccer/fútbol, painting, going to the beach w/ friends, late night drives, binging tv shows


Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ
Major: Mathematics and Economics

Groups & Societies: Penn Political Union, Polybian Society, Penn Cycling and Triathlon, Penn Club Swim

Interests: Classical Opera, Triathlon, stand up, chicken wing eating contest, new ways to measure body metrics, chat gpt, marathons, new experiences

sulaiman yamin

Hometown: Ashburn, VA
Major: Economics

Point72: Incoming Academy Summer Analyst
PWC: Deals Consulting Summer Analyst

Groups & Societies: VIP-F, The Fund For Health, Ben Franklin Scholars Advisory Board, Wharton Private Equity & Venture Capital Club, Wharton Consulting Club

Interests: Astrobiology, Cartography, Etymology, Kinesiology, Gastronomy, Genealogy, Theology

Channing Ware

Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS
Major:Wharton (Marketing and Communications)

Executive Office of the President of the United States: Intern
Brand Now Asia
: Marketing Intern

Groups & Societies: Black Wharton, Black Student League, MUSE, Cohorts, Wharton Peer Advisors, Penn Reach

Interests: TikTok, cardio, late-night drives, Interstellar, music, shopping, hiking, pop culture

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